Chinese Reproductions -
not Victorian glass vases!

from Angela M. Bowey

This page shows the photographs from an advertising leaflet called "Plum Blossom Flower Vases" produced by the China National Light Industrial Products Import and Export Corporation in Tientsin. This name indicates a date after the Chinese Cultural Revolution (60s) and the most likely date is the 1970s. This is confirmed by an advertisement showing a selection of these vases (and some additional ones) which appeared in the Pottery Gazette and Glass Trade Review in 1972. I'm sure you will have seen at least one of these offered as "Victorian" somewhere!

Chinese glass page 1
glass from China page 2
glass from China 3
glass from China 4
glass from China5
glass from China 6
Chinese glass 7
glass text

Please note, we are not offering these items for sale, they are pictures from an old (probably 1970s) Chinese advertising leaflet for your information.

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