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schneider glass vase

Above: Example of Schneider glass from the article on the Glass Museum.
Click on the photograph to go to Tom Karman's article about Charles Schneider's art deco glass.

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The Glass Museum aims to bring you in-depth articles about a wide range of glass. The photograph above is from Tom Karman's article "Charles Schneider: Art Deco Glass Genius". There is a list, lower down this page, of the articles on glass offered by the Glass Museum.

Glass Encyclopedia News

The Glass Encyclopedia is a reference source on glass, covering a broad list of types of glass. Each topic has its own page with a definition of the topic, interesting background and history, pictures, references to other on-line sources and articles, and suggested books on the topic. The Glass Enyclopedia is currently being upgraded page by page, to update the links and enhance the text. By incorporating the detailed articles from the Glass Museum the Glass Encyclopedia is changing from a source of information to a treasure trove of knowledge.

Here are some examples of the updated pages. Caithness Glass now has a short summary of the Caithness story followed by a detailed article by Rhona Burns and Angela Bowey. Rhona was the Marketing Executive with Caithness Glass Ltd in their heydays when they had their own Marketing Executive, and Angela is a researcher and author. The article covers the history of the company, the people who worked there, and the beautiful glass they created (with lots of pictures).

Schneider glass is another page which has just been updated with superb pictures and text written by Thomas Karman for the Glass Museum. Thomas is a long-time collector, writer, and consultant on Schneider glass. The pages on Charder Glass and Le Verre Francais have also been updated, as both those names were used by Schneider for their glass.

The Glass Encyclopedia page on Cast Glass has been enhanced by the addition of an article about Shona Firman and her cast glass. And the page on Glass Bottles has three new sections, Walt Rigling's article on Apothecary Vials, and David Barker's article about English Apothecary Vials, plus Angela Bowey's article on the history of glass bottles in New Zealand.

I hope sincerely that you think the enhanced web pages are worth the effort.

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